PER (Perme Token)

Perme Protocol Utility Token

Uses of PER Token

PER tokenomics are designed to ensure that the needs of each participant's token are clearly met, and to aim for the token's value to rise as the protocol's utility increases.

All Protocol Fees

The cost of all transactions occurring in the protocol requires PER tokens. The tokens paid are distributed as rewards by the protocol.

Node Participation and Rewards

Layer 2 nodes that provide functionality to the protocol can earn tokens as rewards for operation after staking a certain amount of tokens.

Service Experience

Data and accessible content generated through the protocol can be traded through a marketplace, with the token being used as a means of payment.

  • Network Reward: Distributed as rewards for staking contributions to the operation and services of Layer2 nodes such as DID and PDS.

  • Ecosystem: 15% of the total amount is distributed to the community and service providers, partnerships, advisory services, and subsidies.

  • Partners: 15% of the total amount is distributed to business partners.

  • Development: 20% of the total amount is distributed to the project development team.

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