Potential UseCases

01. SaaS Service

Since Perme provides APIs, users can easily deploy their SaaS solution via Perme protocol and conveniently manage their personal data

02. Social Media

Perme provides an optimal infrastructure for social media influencers( also including MCN companies) and key opinion leaders to fully own their own content and data. dApps can still use this data - both the content itself and the related social graph - and publish it to a public audience via a decentralized social network. Perme also makes it easy for influencers to make private groups for their followers using permission schema.

03. Personal Data Market

The most complicated problem to tackle nowadays is personal data: how to own your data, such as page views, clicks, behavior data, and much more - and not allow big platforms to abuse using it. The Government is defined to punish misuse, but there are few proactive solutions. Perme will enable applications to store your encrypted personal data in your own personal account and only allow other applications to use your personal data if you grant permission - for a fee.

04. Authors

Authors can store their works in Perme, sign them by mirroring them on the Perme protocol, and then sell them by granting read access to the buyer's address. Providers of other written data, such as scientific papers, e-books and strategy guides, can do similarly. Perme may introduce copyright-related features for copy protection design in the future.

05. Reward applications

User-rewarded applications such as public opinion polls of government organizations, customer propensity surveys of companies, and targeted advertisements can promote business growth by inducing activities by applying Perme's personal interest information data for a fee.

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