The Perme project aims to implement a user-based decentralized privacy system using DID identity authentication as the core, connected with Layer 2 solutions such as VAULT, BFS, and PDS.

DID (Decentralized ID) Identity Verification

DID is a technology that allows individuals to achieve self-sovereign identity by giving them complete control over their own information, unlike traditional identity verification methods where third-party organizations or service providers centrally control personal information. In centralized ID systems, IDs, passwords, and personal information are stored on the servers of the ID provider or service provider. However, in a decentralized ID system through DID, personal information is securely stored in a Personal Data Store (PDS) where the individual has direct control.

PDS (Personal Data Store)

A PDS is a secure storage facility for sensitive personal data that only the individual can access through encryption and can grant access rights to others as needed. By ensuring that the storage can't view personal data, and only authorized people can access it during an agreed-upon period, PDS strengthens security and is used as a key technology for privacy in the Web 3 data protocol. To ensure the trustworthiness and integrity of the data stored in the PDS, blockchain technology is essential, and therefore, Perme developed the PDS based on its own unique technology.

BFS (Blockchain File System)

Perme uses the BFS (Blockchain File System) for the distributed storage of encrypted data. BFS is a decentralized storage facility provided for use in smart contracts on the blockchain. It uses the functions of the IPFS node, which is a distributed storage system, and provides a decentralized way to manage the Pinning function, which is required for permanent storage of data.

VAULT · Secret Sharing

Secret sharing is a technology that allows the sharing of confidential information (private keys) by dividing it into multiple pieces, and when the pieces collected exceed a certain threshold, the confidential information can be restored. Perme provides Vault, a private key backup system that utilizes secret sharing technology. The Vault consists of a Vault Manager responsible for user authentication, encryption key (Recovery Key) management, storage registration and management, storage facilities that store confidential information pieces, and a Smart Contract that shares information between the Vault Manager and the storage facility.

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